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If You Don’t Have a Bachelorette Party Playlist, Are You Even Having One?


If you don’t have a bachelorette party playlist, are you even having a bachelorette party? Immediately opens Spotify … add to favorites. While you’re at it, but sure to add our getting ready playlist. We all have those songs that we hear a few seconds of and immediately can’t help, but move our body. Whether […]

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What to Wear to a Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

Enjoy some of our favorite ready to wear dresses and sustainable clothing brands that are not from Amazon. We compiled this list for inspiration regarding color and prints. Most, if not all these gorgeous dresses double as Wedding Guest attire or Wedding Rehearsal Dresses. Keep scrolling for our picks on what to wear to a […]

6 Tips to Mastering Bridesmaid Duties From Hayden & Co. Events


Hello, lovely Bridesmaids! Buckle up because we’re about to embark on an epic journey as the backbone of our friend’s wedding day. Welcome to the ultimate guide on How to Master Bridesmaid Duties – a detailed playbook crafted by Kay the owner and lead planner of Hayden & Co. Events – serving romantic couples that desire […]

Michelle Norwood Unfiltered: What Most Planners Are Afraid To Tell Bridesmaids


Wedding planner, Michelle Norwood, is getting real with how she feels about some bridesmaid behavior. Now, before you go getting your feelings hurt, we’re talking extreme behavior that’s NOT the norm at Michelle’s weddings. Honestly, most wedding planners are afraid to say this but we think it needs to be said LOUDLY. We just can […]

How To Have A Micro Bachelorette Party In San Diego


We have all seen MAJOR bachelorette parties highlighted with a supreme guest list, all the peni decor you can think of and cocktails up the wazoo. Sometimes a larger guest list can create a bit of anxiety for the Bride or planner – setting expectations that not everyone can always meet.  A delight to plan […]

Wedding Pros We Know and Love

Wedding Pros We Love

We’re keeping it simple with a tight list of wedding pros we love. From planners to photographers and florists to fun getaways, these are just some of our highly coveted industry personal friends who are nice and do amazing work. We’re just getting started and we’ll update this list as time goes on so be […]


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