If you don’t have a bachelorette party playlist, are you even having a bachelorette party? Immediately opens Spotify … add to favorites. While you’re at it, but sure to add our getting ready playlist. We all have those songs that we hear a few seconds of and immediately can’t help, but move our body. Whether […]

If You Don’t Have a Bachelorette Party Playlist, Are You Even Having One?

Hello, lovely Bridesmaids! Buckle up because we’re about to embark on an epic journey as the backbone of our friend’s wedding day. Welcome to the ultimate guide on How to Master Bridesmaid Duties – a detailed playbook crafted by Kay the owner and lead planner of Hayden & Co. Events – serving romantic couples that desire […]

6 Tips to Mastering Bridesmaid Duties From Hayden & Co. Events

Wedding planner, Michelle Norwood, is getting real with how she feels about some bridesmaid behavior. Now, before you go getting your feelings hurt, we’re talking extreme behavior that’s NOT the norm at Michelle’s weddings. Honestly, most wedding planners are afraid to say this but we think it needs to be said LOUDLY. We just can […]

Michelle Norwood Unfiltered: What Most Planners Are Afraid To Tell Bridesmaids

Michelle Norwood is a destination wedding planner based in New Orleans. Named World’s Top Wedding Planner by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and BRIDES, Michelle Norwood services the globe as a luxury destination wedding planner. You might recognize the NOLA wedding above that went absolutely viral a few years ago and if you happen to be White […]

Wedding Planner Michelle Norwood: All Time Favorite Bridesmaid Looks

bridesmaid trends

We asked Destination Wedding Designer Kelsey Angelotti for some advice from the perspective of someone who designs a wedding. When Kelsey designs a wedding, she has a mental picture unlike anyone else involved. She’s looking at every last detail. Every. Last. Detail. Then when the photos come back, she’s looking again. Take a look at […]

Bridesmaids, Please Sit Down

Julie Sabatino, founder of The Stylish Bride and author of Dressed, Styled, and Down the Aisle is sharing her style forecast for 2024. For almost two decades, Julie and her team have been helping couples express their personal style through fashion at their wedding. Julie’s got her finger on the pulse, so read on to hear what bridesmaid […]

Julie Sabatino is Sharing Her Bridesmaid Style Forecast For 2024

Why Would You EVER Hire a Bridesmaid?

Get real, why would you EVER hire a bridesmaid? What does that even mean, hiring a bridesmaid? Would you do it? A lot of opinions are swirling about this after Bridesmaid For Hire went viral last week. Don’t worry, we have our OWN opinions. But We Hire Everyone Else Before we get there, let’s talk […]

Why Would You EVER Hire a Bridesmaid?

Jeannie Savage of Details Details is well known for her meticulous planning and passion for perfection. After all, she started one of the most successful planning and design houses in Orange County, CA and has been creating beautiful and extravagant weddings for over twenty years. She’s a wealth of knowledge (to say the least), a […]

Bridesmaid Dos and Don’ts from Jeannie Savage of Details Details

Addi was recently married (we’re so wowed by her style) it was amazing. Check out a tiny sneak of her wedding here. You’re going to want to take a note from her stylebook for sure – but – we’re really here for the bridesmaids. Addi’s dishing out all she did and all they did for […]

This Real Bride Spills it All About Her Bridesmaids and Bachelorette Party

When Should I Order My Bridesmaid Dress?

When should I order my bridesmaid dress? The short answer is that you need to order your bridesmaid dress about 6 months before the wedding. Just do it, save yourself a huge headache of being that girl. Made to Order Most custom made bridesmaid dresses will take anywhere from 6-12 weeks. Order in advance and […]

When Should I Order My Bridesmaid Dress?

Oh, how we wish we could say “You have one job.” You don’t, you have so many jobs, but one of you is going to have to add this to your list. Trust, you need this getting ready wedding playlist. Ok, maybe not THIS exact playlist, but you definitely need one. Hype up the bride […]

The Getting Ready Wedding Playlist You Didn’t Know You Needed

Christina McNeill is the IT photographer for couples who want something just a little bit different. Christina’s not your basic wedding photographer, she’s drawn to the energy and emotion and she uses that to create cinematic images that are bold and unexpected. She’s based in San Francsico, but her clients take her all over the […]

This IT Photographer Dishes What She Wishes Bridesmaids Would Do

We get it, you’re not wedding planners (most of you anyway), you’re not wedding experts and you may have never even been to a wedding before. Well, buckle up, because you’re about to get a crash course in being a wedding guest. We’re dropping some essential wedding guest intel to make you a better guest […]

7 Things You Don’t Think About When You’re A Wedding Guest

So, when is it ok to say no to being a bridesmaid?

Deciding to accept the proposal of being a bridesmaid is a personal choice and there are some really valid reasons to decline the invitation. So, when is it ok to say no to being a bridesmaid? You Just Can’t Afford It Being a bridesmaid can be super expensive. There are costs for travel, dresses, parties, […]

When Is It Ok To Say No To Being A Bridesmaid?

Meet seasoned maid of honor, Jess Whitney – the impossibly cool social production creator for MLB and someone who’s in the thick of twenty-something weddings. We asked her things she wants as a bridesmaid and turns out, it’s was lot easier to tell is all the things she *doesn’t* want. Read this post before you […]

Things I Don’t Want As A Bridesmaid Thanks Very Much