This IT Photographer Dishes What She Wishes Bridesmaids Would Do

Christina McNeill is the IT photographer for couples who want something just a little bit different. Christina’s not your basic wedding photographer, she’s drawn to the energy and emotion and she uses that to create cinematic images that are bold and unexpected. She’s based in San Francsico, but her clients take her all over the world.

“I love bridesmaids/bridesmen who are fun, lively, don’t take themselves too seriously, and are the bride’s hype friend! If that means they drink, I am here for it.”

Christina NcNeill San Francisco Wedding Photographer
Christina NcNeill

Christina’s offering up some tips for bridesmaids from a photographer’s point of view, so pay attention and remember these at the wedding. Read on for bridesmaid tips from a photographer.

Be Ready Before The Bride

Bridesmaid Tips From a Photographer
Christina NcNeill

Bridesmaids, be dressed and ready before the bride so you can be part of the getting ready photos.

Some of the prettiest and most meaningful photos will be of you and your besties, bridesmaids should be ready or close to ready – but definitely in their bridesmaid dresses – when the bride is stepping into her dress. This will make for much prettier photos.

Let The Important People Do It

Bridesmaid Tips From a Photographer
Christina NcNeill

I love the rise of bridal attendants and stylists at weddings, but as a photographer, I’d rather see someone important to the bride holding her train or veil as she’s walking about, or before walking down the aisle.

I’d love to to see more bridal attendants passing off the baton to a bridesmaid, mom, grandma or little attendants. It will make for much more meaningful moments and photos.

This really makes a lot of sense because the couple isn’t going to look back at wedding photos years from now and think “Wow, I’m glad I have this amazing candid moment with the someone we hired at our wedding.”

Hire A Wedding Stylist

Gabrielle Hurwitz Luxury Wedding Stylist

Hire a bridal stylist to help you select your mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

If you’re wondering how this wedding party pulled this look together so well, it’s because they hired a stylist. Gabrielle Hurwitz to be exact. Gabrielle Hurwitz is the Luxury Bridal Fashion Stylist. She’s out of NYC and she helps brides and grooms curate the wedding wardrobe of their dreams.

*If you already read our Bridesmaid Ins and Outs, please note that this wedding party is wearing nude shoes.

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