The Ins and Outs of Being a Bridesmaid & How to Be a Good One

INs & OUTs 2024 Bridesmaid Edition
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Let’s talk about being a bridesmaid in 2024 and what’s IN and What’s Out. Obviously, we’re just touching on a few things here. Like, we KNOW florals dresses will be everywhere and color is always in and you’re going to wear shoes other than nude. Loosen up and just have fun with us as we go through some tops trends. Keep reading for the INs & OUTs 2024 Bridesmaid Edition.

The 2024 Bridesmaid INs

Feeling Comfortable
It’s a major bridesmaid in to comfortable in your bridesmaid dress. Choose a style that’s bride or groom approved, that complements the wedding theme but also allows you to movement and comfort.

Nude Shoes
Nude goes so perfectly with so many dress colors. Nude shoes make your legs look longer and they don’t distract from the dress. They’re timeless and can most definitely be worn agin.

Hair and Makeup Autonomy
Having the options of doing your own hair and makeup. Sometimes you just do it better yourself. Sometimes you don’t (I’m triggered) – so in that case get a hair and makeup artist.

Black Bridesmaid Dresses
Get ready to see tons of black bridesmaid dresses in 2024. Black is classic and timeless and looks amazing on literally everyone. Pro Tip: Nude shoes also look so good with black dresses.

Be on time. It’s a sign of respect for the couple, the whole wedding party and the wedding vendors. It allows for smooth coordination of events and creates a positive mood.

Knowing Your Role
Know your role within the wedding party. Maybe it’s assisting the bride, planning parties, or providing emotional support – understanding the expectations of your role will make for a much better experience.

The 2024 Bridesmaid OUTs

Guilt Over Saying No
Let it go. Sometimes you just can’t. Release the guilt associated with saying no. Set boundaries and prioritize your well-being and communicate.

Fast Fashion Bridesmaid Dresses
Say no to single-use, fast fashion bridesmaid gowns. Go for a sustainable and versatile option that can be worn again (yes, they exist).

Posting Without Consent
Don’t posting wedding pictures on social media without the couple’s explicit consent. Respect their privacy and allow them to share their special moments on their terms.

Complaining About Your Dress
Don’t complain about your dress. offer constructive feedback privately, but publicly expressing dissatisfaction can dampen the joyous atmosphere of the wedding.

Say no to drama, judgment, and gossiping within the wedding circle. Focus on positive interactions, support the wedding party, and help contribute to a fun and stress-free celebration.

Last Minute Shopping
Plan ahead and avoid last-minute shopping. Procrastination can lead to stress and may limit your choices. Order your dress in plenty of time for it to arrive and have time to be exchanged or altered.

There you have it, our INs & OUTs 2024 Bridesmaid Edition. You might agree on some, but you might not agree on others. That’s fine – unless you’re going against basic etiquette because that’s bad. Very bad.

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