Michelle Norwood Unfiltered: What Most Planners Are Afraid To Tell Bridesmaids

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Wedding planner, Michelle Norwood, is getting real with how she feels about some bridesmaid behavior. Now, before you go getting your feelings hurt, we’re talking extreme behavior that’s NOT the norm at Michelle’s weddings. Honestly, most wedding planners are afraid to say this but we think it needs to be said LOUDLY.

We just can not understand why someone would agree to be a bridesmaid and then complain about it. You should just say no – but sometimes fueled by FOMO we say yes and can have the tendency to complain about it. It’s a little disheartening? We can still attend the wedding and bask in the vibes without all the responsibilities that may come with being part of the bridal party. If you’re about to be a bridesmaid or MOH, do yourself a favor and read over these major pet peeves from one of the best wedding planners out there.


Maid of Honor you are not the wedding planner, please know your role.


It’s not your wedding and you are not the guest of honor, no I will not get you water and carry your bags.


Stop bringing all your shit to the wedding and ask me where your stuff is at the end of the night, I am not your PA.


Stop telling me what you did at your wedding. You’re married and this is someone else’s wedding, mind your business.


Be on time for hair and makeup.


Stop being a diva. You are not Mariah Carey (unless of course, you actually are – then I guess do whatever you want).


Don’t complain about your dress, when you get married you can choose the bridesmaid dresses.


You and the planner are not enemies, girl I don’t know you.


Reading is fundamental. You agreed to be a bridesmaids meaning you have duties. Read the timeline and know where you need to be.


Stop stressing the bride. It’s not about you.

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