Things I Don’t Want As A Bridesmaid Thanks Very Much

Things I Don't Want As A Bridesmaid
Photo Bradley Golding

Meet seasoned maid of honor, Jess Whitney – the impossibly cool social production creator for MLB and someone who’s in the thick of twenty-something weddings. We asked her things she wants as a bridesmaid and turns out, it’s was lot easier to tell is all the things she *doesn’t* want. Read this post before you whip out your credit card and start ordering stuff that no one wants. Things I don’t want as a Bridesmaid … let’s go.

A bunch of random cr*p

I don’t want a bunch of random cr*p aka bridesmaid ‘gear.’ I don’t want anything with the word BRIDESMAID on it or that you have to have custom printed: pencil pouch, t-shirt, random cup, ‘bridesmaid’ slippers, etc. Opening a gorgeous gift box with ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ is so fun and special, but it’s more meaningful if it has a few nice things rather than a lot of low quality things.

* exception to the rule: one or two useful (quality) items with the person’s NAME on them (makeup bag, nice coffee cup or water bottle, silk sleep mask, etc.)

To be hungry before the ceremony: 

Whether the bride’s parents paid for a ridiculous catering spread or ordered nugs on Postmates while we all got ready, a growling tummy is one less distraction before heading down the aisle to support their bride.

To forget my …

To forget my phone, lip gloss, or *heaven forbid* tampons. Have your bridesmaids pack a little necessities bag (omg what if you gave your bmaids a little reusable baggu bag) and have the wedding planner transport to venue if necessary.

To be hungover (this is inevitable)

One of my fav gifts I’ve received at a wedding as both a guest and a member of the bridal party is a ‘hangover kit‘ stocked with Advil, liquid IV, pre-drink powders, etc. hydrate those gals!!

Cold hands and sore feet

Outdoor wedding not during the summer? A hand warmer tucked behind the bouquet goes a long way. Lidocaine Spray is your best friend – have a few on deck before the ceremony starts and douse your tootsies in the stuff, you’ll be dancing the night away with minimal discomfort –  I’ve been stepped on by stilettos on the dance floor and didn’t even feel it.

Whatever you do, get a good photographer

Branley Golding, Toronto Wedding Photographer

Please go look at Jess’ bestie Bailey‘s wedding photos by Bradley Golding. He made a decades-long dream of recreating these photos of Bailey’s mother (taken by her father) come true. This is your sign to recreate your mom’s photos.

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