If You Don’t Have a Bachelorette Party Playlist, Are You Even Having One?

If you don’t have a bachelorette party playlist, are you even having a bachelorette party? Immediately opens Spotify … add to favorites. While you’re at it, but sure to add our getting ready playlist.

We all have those songs that we hear a few seconds of and immediately can’t help, but move our body. Whether it be pop, hip hop, post disco, punk music – music speaks to us and is capable of pulling us out of a funk. The goal here is to make you D-A-N-C-E! Music can be a tricky thing when it comes to a celebration. Truthfully it can MAKE a party and lack of music can definitely break it.

The goal is to keep the energy high and your guests engaged. No down time for awkward encounters when Return of the Mack is playing followed by Break My Soul by Beyonce (don’t worry, we already added her new country hit). So whether you are gettin down at your airbnb or a hotel this is an inclusive playlist made for having a lot of fun.

The Importance of My Bachelorette Party Playlist

Story time: At my own Bachelorette Party – we hauled 16 of us into 3 different Ubers. As we neared closer to our destination my anxiety was HIGH and I felt a large amount of responsibility for everyone to have a fun night. One of the girls in our group had already forgot her I.D. and that made things feel more complicated as places weren’t letting her in. TMI – my anxiety manifests in my stomach so I literally puked out of nervousness. I couldn’t imagine us continuing the night out without a plan so what did we do? We ALL went back to the house … all 16 of us. We turned all the lights off and we BLASTED music, twerked on the walls, danced on the couches and we went nuts. Thanks to a bumpin’ playlist, I found my groove back and we continued the night at home.

That’s just one reason it’s important to have a playlist ready for nearly every event in your life. We’ve curated 4 hours of tunes to get you movin’ and groovin’. There is no particular order so feel free to hit shuffle and ride the wave. If you continue to like our playlists please share and tag us! We love to see it.

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