How To Have A Micro Bachelorette Party In San Diego

bachelorette party in San Diego

We have all seen MAJOR bachelorette parties highlighted with a supreme guest list, all the peni decor you can think of and cocktails up the wazoo. Sometimes a larger guest list can create a bit of anxiety for the Bride or planner – setting expectations that not everyone can always meet.  A delight to plan and scheme over, but what about something a little smaller?  We’ve got the perfect agenda for a micro bachelorette party in San Diego.

How It Started

bachelorette party ideas

Our bestie Kaitlyn, who is a planner/ strategist herself was already planning a wedding from across the country (Brooklyn NY —-> Palm Springs CA). In the midst of this planning Kaitlyn felt it would be a big ask of her friends to commit to anything else as a destination wedding can sometimes be costly. The love we have for Kaitlyn and her very gentle, considerate and loving soul is unwavering and two of us CA girlfriends couldn’t fathom not celebrating our Bride. Even if for just a few mellow nights out on the town. So as soon as Kaitlyn agreed to have a micro bachelorette party – we started booking accommodations and making reservations for our little trio in North Park, San Diego. 

Setting the Vibe

Before Kaitlyn arrived to San Diego, the two of us packed up the car with decorations, vases, flowers, candles, incense, 8 bottles of wine we purchased from Wine & Rock Shop and a ton of snacks for the house. We arrived at the AirBnb early to give us enough time to decorate. Our goal was to set the vibe for the weekend with several playlists, pretty floral arrangements + fun laser lights.

Our first stop was tacos at Salud in Barrio Logan. Living in New York, Kaitlyn has limited access to delicious Mexican food so tacos were a MUST. A quick stop at the Airbnb to show Kaitlyn our home for the weekend and we were already on our way to our afternoon dinner reservation at Mabel’s Gone Fishing.

We called it an early night, went back to the house and pretended we were at an early 00’s club blasting music and enjoying our very own laser show. Highly recommend. 

We Kept Eating

The next morning we walked to Love Song coffee and market where we treated ourselves to some sweets and beverages our lunch resy at Seneca Trattoria. We had planned on this being a long lunch filled with day drinking and many entrees. We crowned Kaitlyn with a special bridal veil and proceeded to play a game we curated asking her fiancé nearly 30 questions and seeing if she could get all the answers correct. For every missed answer, she had to take a sip of her cocktail. Kaitlyn did awesome, lunch was delicious, but we needed a little sun and a nap.

Seneca Trattoria is on the top floor of the InterContinental Hotel. Upon exiting the elevator you are greeted with a jungalicious entrance and starry sky. The ambiance in unmatched!

Keep It Mellow

We made our way to The Lafayette where we were able to relax by the pool, order some french fries & just enjoy the scenery. Later that night we went to Part Time Lover, a Japanese inspired bar with cocktails and the most coziest of lounges.

We danced that night until the early morning. So the next day 100% called for giant breakfast burritos, some soda and more fries. A short walk back to the house, the three of us enjoyed a nap on the couch and 1000 YouTube music videos. What’s better than that?

A picnic! Pro tip, bring a blanket, wine, a baguette, snacks & a disposable camera for the most ~chill~ park set up. After a couple hours we made our way back to the house, grabbed some ramen from Underbelly for pick up and continued to eat our lives away.

So as you can see with the right accommodations, reservations and an absurd amount of love for one another you can enjoy just about any size bachelorette party. Micro or MAXI. 

BAGGU Obsessed

Upon realization that between the three of us we own nearly every Baggu bag imaginable, we quickly had a photoshoot. *so cute*

About The Bride

Photography Credit: Brady Bates

Kaitlyn is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been featured in BOMB Magazinethe Brooklyn RailDegree CriticalArtforum.com, among other publications, where she writes about art and film. She also works as a registrar for the Calder Foundation. She was born in San Juan Capistrano, California where, like the swallows, she returns every year.

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