Super Cute Gifts Under $50 That Your Bridesmaids Will Actually Love

Cassie Valente Photo
Cassie Valente Photography

The role of a bridesmaid can vary, but generally, bridesmaids play a very supportive and integral part in the wedding prep and parties. They’re basically your emotional support people throughout your engagement and their todo list is pretty intense. They come along to help choose your gown while sipping Champagne (of course there are perks). They’re in charge of planning your bridal shower and your bachelorette bash. They’re on speed dial just in case you need reassurance when you second guess your cake flavor … and so much more. Show them a little love with one of these super cute bridesmaid gifts under $50. See more of this chic Sonoma wedding shown above and get all the dress details.

Pinch Provision Emergency Kit

Pinch Provision Emergency Kit

This super cute Pinch Provisions Emergency Kit comes in a velvet pouch and includes all the essentials. Stay prepared with: hair spray, compact mirror, cotton swabs, emery board, earring backs, clear elastics, mending kit, safety pin, double-sided tape, stain remover, extra buttons, deodorant towelette, pain reliever, breath drops, dental floss, adhesive bandage, facial tissue, blotting tissues, bobby pins, antacid and extra wedding bands.

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Glitzy Gold Bow Mini Stud Earrings

Your bridesmaids will love these mini bow stud earrings. Designed with glistening crystals in a radiant gold-tone setting, they are delicately chic. Perfect with jeans and a tee or for a casual brunch or just to bring some glamour to your look. With the perfect size – not too large, not too small – they effortlessly make a stylish statement.

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Silky Sleep Mask

Silk Sleep Mask

Give your bridesmaids the gift of beauty rest with the ultra-luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask. More than just an eye mask, it’s soft and silky texture is helps prevent unwanted eye wrinkles and sleep creases, all while keeping your skin hydrated. An essential addition to every bridesmaid and bride’s beauty bag, this sleep mask adds a little luxury to your zzzzzz.

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Instant Mimosa Kit

Wedding Party Gifts - Instant Mimosa Kit

Meet your new go-to for easy and fancy drinks – flavor-infused sugar cubes! These little sweeties instantly jazz up your champagne. Handcrafted with all-natural ingredients and just 10 calories, they’re like your laid-back secret to whipping up party drinks anytime, anywhere. This instant mimosa kit brings you fun flavors like Arcadia Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit. Perfect for raising a toast at bridal showers, or bachelorette parties or while getting ready on the day of. Cheers!

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Brooks Avenue Makeup Bag

Super Cute Bridesmaid Gifts Under $50 That They'll Actually Love

A gift your bridesmaids will use over and over. This adorable makeup bad is covered in the prettiest pastel print. It’s a must-have for all those wedding day touch-ups. It’s just the perfect size for tossing in all your makeup essentials. And let’s not forget the darling pink tassel for that extra fun factor! The perfect bridesmaid gift that’s not just a bag; it’s the keeper of all those fantastic moments, from the first swipe of mascara to the last dance.

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Will You Be My Bridesmaid Card

Bridesmaid Proposal Card

Sweeter Cards breaks the mold as the first-ever greeting card and chocolate bar combo, doubling as a bridesmaid proposal card. Made in St. Louis and Fair Trade Certified™, Each bar is crafted with soft vanilla caramel blended with cane sugar, fresh whipping cream, butter, and authentic Madagascar vanilla with Mediterranean sea salt sprinkled on top. They’re all about keeping it real in the kitchen, hand-stirring each batch in copper kettles with a whole lot of love. Only the best stuff goes in—top-notch, clean ingredients—no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, and no hydrogenated oils.

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Sip Sip Hooray Hangover Kit

Meet the after-party self-care hero – the wedding hangover kit that’s a complete game-changer. Enclosed in a super chic gold glitter pouch, this little savior holds six essentials: a comfy eye mask for a solid night’s sleep, electrolyte tablets to recharge, breath freshener for a quick perk-up, ear plugs for tranquil moments, a hair tie for keeping things tidy, and pain relievers to ease those post-party aches. It’s the all-in-one solution for recovering after a late-night celebration!

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Pink Fuzzy Slippers

Fuzzy Pink Bride and Bridesmaid Slippers

Say hello to the perfect blend of adorable and snug with these open-toe fuzzy slippers featuring a silky knot-bow accent. Whether you’re striking a pose on your wedding morning or just relaxing with your bridal crew, these slippers are the epitome of cute and cozy. Designed with plush memory foam and non-slip soles, each step feels like a stroll on clouds while keeping you firmly grounded. The open-toe style with a super cute bow? Absolute wedding day style goals. These sweet, fluffy slippers are akin to a cozy hug for your feet, making them the ultimate thank-you gift for your squad.

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Clear Umbrella

Bridesmaid Gifts Under $50

Spruce up those rainy days with this super cute clear bubble umbrella rocking white accents. The dome shape is a total winner, covering you all the way to your shoulders with its generous canopy – just hit the button, and you’re good to go, rain or shine. It’s made from tough, see-through POE fabric, so it’s sturdy and lets you see what’s up. The handle’s a cool mix of white and see-through with a bubble effect, giving off a clean, classy vibe. Plus, with fiberglass ribs that beat steel in toughness and flexibility, it’s got your back on windy days. This clear umbrella is your go-to wedding day sidekick – practical and chic, all in one.

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Lip Scrub & Lip Gloss Kit

Let's Glow™ Lip Scrub & Lip Gloss Kit - Wedding Party Gifts

Indulge your wedding party with the ultimate treat – the Brown Sugar Lip Scrub and Lip Slip® Lip Gloss kit by Sara Happ. This dynamic duo is a must-have for those who adore a glossy pout. Beyond being a sweet treat, the brown sugar lip scrub works its magic by buffing away dry, flaky skin, leaving your lips irresistibly soft and smooth. Pair it with the lip gloss for a flawless high-shine finish, making it your go-to lip care combo. Whether it’s for yourself or your besties, this set is the perfect gift. Get ready to elevate your lip game!

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