Bridesmaids, Please Sit Down

Bridesmaids, Please Sit Down
Photos by A Raw Collection

We asked Destination Wedding Designer Kelsey Angelotti for some advice from the perspective of someone who designs a wedding. When Kelsey designs a wedding, she has a mental picture unlike anyone else involved. She’s looking at every last detail. Every. Last. Detail. Then when the photos come back, she’s looking again. Take a look at this sweet Higuera Ranch in San Luis Obisbo where the bride and groom had their entire wedding party seated. Keep reading to find out why Kelsey wants more bridesmaids to please sit down.

From Kelsey

When it comes to weddings, traditions are continually evolving, reflecting the changing tastes and preferences of couples tying the knot. One noticeable shift in the wedding industry that has caught our attention, has been the emergence of bridal parties being seated in the first few rows instead of standing up with the couple. And let me tell you, we are here for this! 

Traditionally, bridesmaids have stood alongside the bride during the ceremony, symbolizing their support, all while looking cute in their (often times) matching dresses, holding bouquets of flowers, and helping with whatever is needed. Yet now, we are seeing that focus shift, to highlighting just the couple, which is what it should all be about anyways! And in our minds, this seems like a win-win for everyone! The bridal party gets to sit in comfy seats, without the sun in their eyes, and the couple gets to have all eyes on them. No distractions.

So why the shift?

Couples are realizing how long the days can be for their bridal parties, being on their feet, getting hair and make up done so early, taking hours of photos, etc. So why not let them have their moment walking down the aisle but then allow them to be seated and get a front row view to their besties tying the knot! They’re still highlighted and honored, yet the focus remains on the couple.

Another major factor is photography. There’s always that one groomsman with his hand in his pocket when no one else has one in their pocket, or that one bridesmaid trying to move her hair out of her way, and in the end, the photos are compromised because of it. There’s just a lot of moving parts and people to keep in line and the photos show it all! Couples opting to have their bridal party seated don’t have to worry about that and still can take bridal party photos during a different part of the day and get their special people captured.

With this, comes opinions though. And we have heard time and time again from our bride that a bridesmaid doesn’t agree with this decision. They feel like have spent a lot of money being a bridesmaid and they are offended they are not getting to stand at the front. To that, we say, let the bride make decisions that feel right for HER day. This day is about the couple getting married, and just that. Simple. And ultimately, be thankful you get a break off your feet and a better view to them saying, “I do!”

And to any couples out there struggling with this decision- just remember, do what feels the most authentic to you! This is your special day. Embrace it!

The Wedding Vendors

Why this wedding planner wants bridesmaids to lease sit down

Venue: Higuera Ranch
Design + Coordination: Kelsey Rae Designs Morgan Wessells
Photography: A Raw Collection
Videography: MJP Creative Weddings
Florals: Native Poppy
Installs + Signage: Wild House Ink
Catering + Bartending: Popolo Catering
DJ + Photo Booth: Second Song Ralph Bracamonte
Cake + Dessert: Bri’s Sweet Retreat
Late Night Pizza: Woodstocks SLO
Hair + Make-Up: Dreamcatcher Artistry
Rentals: Adore Folklore + Catalog Atelier + GYC Rentals
Couple: Brooke Demaria + Tommy Demaria

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