7 Things You Don’t Think About When You’re A Wedding Guest

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We get it, you’re not wedding planners (most of you anyway), you’re not wedding experts and you may have never even been to a wedding before. Well, buckle up, because you’re about to get a crash course in being a wedding guest. We’re dropping some essential wedding guest intel to make you a better guest and also to make sure you have a better time. Keep reading for 7 things you probably don’t think about when you’re go to a wedding as a guest.

The Time the Ceremony Actually Starts

The ceremony time on the invite is the ACTUAL time the bride will be walking down the aisle. It’s not the time you should be pulling into the parking lot or the valet. If the invitation says 4:30pm, then plan on arriving at 4:00pm and being seated at the ceremony site by 4:15pm. There’s nothing more awkward that interrupting the processional upon your arrival.

Cash for Tips

For the love of all that is holy, plan on going to the bank to get cash before the wedding. You WILL need cash – even if you think you won’t – you will. Be sure to have some cash for the bartender, the valet, the coat check and any other service that might be offered.


Do a little due diligence. Look at the venue on maps and find out the parking situation ahead of time. Decide if you should you drive or Uber before you’re leaving the house.

Sending Gifts Ahead of TIme

Send your gift ahead of time. When you get the invitation and registry info – head over to the computer and literally SHOP NOW. It’s SO considerate to send the couple’s gifts right to their home. It eliminates them or their planner having to lug a bunch of stuff around on the wedding night. A few cards and gifts inevitably get lost at the venue.

Staying ON-Registry

Only buy things from the registry or contribute to a larger item. Couples spend a lot of time curating a registry and these are the things they actually want. Don’t be the one to give the couple a chore of returning something they don’t want. Remember, just because you like it – doesn’t mean they will. When in doubt, refer back to the fact that they sent you exactly what they want ON THEIR REGISTRY.

The Weather

Check the weather and be prepared. Will it be so hot and sunny that you may burn? Wear sunscreen and bring your sunglasses. Will it be so cold you’ll be freezing? Well then, bring a coat and hand some warmers (the best invention ever). Comfortable people are happy people.

Your Feet Will Hurt

Face it, your feet are probably going to hurt. Those cute heels are worth it, and we get that, but save yourself the pain and douse your feet in Lidocaine Spray before the wedding. Bring some flats or some bandaids so you’re not miserable at the reception.

PRO TIP: Always, always wear shoes, being barefoot in a public place is f%&*ing disgusting. Yeah, I’m talking to you Strawberry. You know who you are.

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