Why Would You EVER Hire a Bridesmaid?

Would You EVER Hire a Bridesmaid?
Jen Glantz of Bridesmaid For Hire

Get real, why would you EVER hire a bridesmaid? What does that even mean, hiring a bridesmaid? Would you do it? A lot of opinions are swirling about this after Bridesmaid For Hire went viral last week. Don’t worry, we have our OWN opinions.

But We Hire Everyone Else

Before we get there, let’s talk about all of the people we hire in our life to help us. Our therapist, our hair stylist, our nail tech, our esthetician … I could go on and on. There’s no shame in hiring any one of these people to help us so why is this so different?

Sometimes We Need Support

Not everyone has a flock of besties in their lives. Maybe you just relocated and don’t have any support. Maybe you have a hard time forming female relationships. Or maybe you’re kind of a loner. There are so many reasons a bride might not have support during her wedding.

So, why not hire a bridesmaid? Like, a professional bridesmaid. This girl knows what to do. I mean if she’s for hire, you know she knows weddings inside and out and she probably loves them. She’s here to help you with all the mechanics of a wedding and can help in making big decisions.

Bridesmaid for Hire

Eight years ago Jen Glantz created Bridesmaid for Hire, the world’s first service where you can hire a bridesmaid. It’s a completely private so no one will have any idea (and if they did, who cares anyway?) and the fact that’s been around for so long tells us that it’s a needed service. Did we change your mind?

Other Kinds of Help

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