Mob Wife Era But Make it Bridesmaid (P.S. is it just us or Wob Mife?)

Mob Wife Era But Make it Bridesmaid

We think of the mob wife era as kind of the cool single rich aunt to the much loved clean girl aesthetic. She loves high heels. The higher the heel, the closer to heaven, right? Wait, did I get that wrong? She loves statement jewelry. She’s flashy and she’s not sorry. She loves big hair, sunnies and bold makeup. She confident and she does not care what you think. She likes luxury, but we already knew that, didn’t we? So, how does mob wife aesthetic translate to mob bridesmaid? We got you.

Get the Look: Advice from a Stylist

Julie Sabatino, The Stylish Bride and Author of Dressed, Styled, and Down the Aisle shares her thoughts on how to get the look.

This look is all about glamor and confidence with strong details. So, for your bridesmaids, the first and most important thing is to choose a dress for them (or let them choose) and dress they feel great wearing. And then amp up the accessories: blingy necklaces, faux fur jackets, beaded purses.

Choose Black & Drama

Giving the cold shoulder, Danica seems like an obvious choice and Siobhan has just enough of an attention seeking – yet stay away from me – vibe.

We’re getting 90s from CS117 and CS122 – wait 20 years and everything circles back. Huh? The 90s weren’t 20 years ago, well they were to me and always will be. Please leave me while I go try and order a Gabby Bakes cake and be alone with my thoughts.

Mia is, like, the perfect mini and she’s got a corset and bows. The bigger the hoops, the bigger the bows on this one. Astrid is a little vixen with her deep V and high slit, so you better pick a shoe worthy of being peeped.

Aspen is from out of town, she’s a little shy and keeps it low key. Vera was most definitely named for her grandmother who was at all the dinners where no one knew nothing about anything.

Bling Bling, Hello?

Don’t bother calling, they don’t want to hear it. The only thing they want in their ears are these …
Mega Flawless 65mm Upside Down Hoops and Large Nude Cascade Earrings.

Mob Wife Era Taste But on a Mid West Budget?

Ok, so maybe Lana Jewelry isn’t in your immediate future, you can still bring the bling for less with True by Kristy Cascading Hoops or Melinda Maria Big Ass Double Hoops.

Fur Real But Of Course It’s Faux

Even bridesmaids or mob wives get cold. The Paddy Cropped Jacket by Reformation or the Faux Fur Coat from Revolve are the perfect look over your black bridesmaid dresses.

We Shoe Love Animal Prints LOL

Someone important somewhere just recently said “Animal prints everywhere.” How about these Cult of Coquette stilettos? Their Vegan Wrap Sandal Heels and Red Reptile Vegan Mules will wrap your Mob Wife Aesthetic up like a bow.

This Celeb Makeup & Hair Artist Has Thoughts

To be honest I think it’s funny that it’s being made into this “revelation” of a style. Faux furs, oversized sunnies, big glam moments- has that ever actually gone out of style? I think it’s a classic style that’s being fussed over because of a catch phrase. I truly think it’s a classic look that’s never been out of style. The-over-the-top element of mob wives doesn’t mean that minimal hair and makeup is going anywhere any time soon. There is a time and place for everything. At the end of the day, you do you and feel great about it.”

Ok, ok we hear you Erica (1011 Makeup and Hair). Trust us, she knows. Just take a peek at her IG @1011makeupandhair to see that she’s got cred.

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